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We’ve brought together 60+ of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs to teach you the 3-step approach to create, market & sell your online course. Whether you're just getting started or you've been creating courses for years, you will walk away with actionable tips and tools to exponentially grow your audience, build an impactful course and generate consistent passive income. 

This online event is broken down into 3 easy to digest sections:

Stage 1 : 

Building Your Course

Stage 2 : Marketing & Publishing

Stage 3 : 

Scaling Your Business

Who Is Presenting?

We've hand-picked the speakers and influencers at the top of their game including some of the most successful digital entrepreneurs in the world. These experts are teaching from experience, not only from theory.

Check out the incredible line up for yourself below. Fair warning, you might want some sunglasses... there's a lot of brilliance in one place!

Online Course Expert

Co-Founder at Ofcourse

Dr. Carrie Rose


CEO, Founder at Thinkific

Greg Smith


Traffic Expert & Online Marketing Professional

Molly Pittman


Professional Speaker, Author & Founder of The I am Hero Project

Dr. Chris Zaino


Online Marketing Professional at Elite Marketing Pro

TJ Erway


Affiliate Marketing Expert, Co-Founder at MyLeadSystemsPro

Norbert Orlewicz


Chris Winfield & Jen Gottlieb

Public Relations Experts at The Unfair Advantage, Super Connectors

@chriswinfield | @jen_gottlieb


Head Of Sales & Monetization at Digital Marketer

Marcus Murphy

Facebook Ads Expert, President & Co- Founder at Unicorn Innovations

Maxwell Finn


CEO, Co-Founder at 

Unicorn Innovations

Jeremy Adams


And Many More....

Visual Content Creation Coach

Xay li Barclay


Video Content Marketing Expert, Founder at Soliman Productions

Sarah Soliman


Funnel Expert, Author of One Hour Funnel

Cody Burch


Founder at Adpros.com

Nehal Kazim


Founder, at Joza Marketing

Dave Albano


Founder, at Themeific - Signature Membership Site Specialist

Rob Galvin


Founder & President at Peaceful Media, Brand Strategist

Jason Alan Miller


Founder at Clients Online, Online Coaching Business Expert

Malorie Tadimi


Founder at Copy That Pops, Book Publishing Expert

Laura Petersen, M.A.E.D


Systems Expert  Founder at Reach & Make Millions

Katya Sarmiento


CEO, SyncSumo, Business Acceleration & Facebook Ads Expert

Justin Lofton


Business Growth Expert, Executive Director at WISE Advise + Assist Team

Diana Jaquith


Webinar Expert, Founder of The Webinar Agency + Experts Unleashed

Joel Erway


Founder at The Campfire Effect

Chris Smith


Founder at Do You Even Blog

Pete McPherson


Media Buying Expert & Online Marketing Expert

Sam Bell


Rapid Business Growth Strategist for Coaches & Consultants

Marquel Russell


Joint Venture Expert

Founder at Jvology & Mastermind To Millions

Jay Fiset


Founder of Virtual Summits Software - Creator Of The One-Day Summit Formula

Dr. Mark Wade


Founder of Video Power Marketing

Jake Larsen


Founder at Ambitious, Emmy Award Winning Film Producer

Greg Rollett


Facebook Group Expert + Founder at Deliver Your Genius

Christina Jandali


Founder at Autumn Witt Boyd, Lawyer for Million dollar + businesses

Autumn Witt Boyd


Communications and Copy Strategist at FastLain.com

Lain Ehmann


Founder at Reina & Company

Reina Pomeroy


Digital Marketing Professional

Curt Maly


Derral Eves

Video Marketing Strategist Founder of Vidsummit


Director of Video Production at Tubebuddy

Andrew Kan


Educational Specialist at ActiveCampaign

Jamie Madison


Founder at FreeeUp

Nathan Hirsch


NY Times Best Seller, Internet Entrepreneur, Investor

Ron Douglas


Host of The Smart Brand Marketing Show

Tom Libelt


Founder of iSocialFanz

Brian Fanzo


Founder at SpeakServeGrow.com

Kristin Thompson


Founder at Morningfame

Nicolai Kamenzky


Co-Founder & CEO at Lately

Kate Bradley Chernis


Founder & CEO, at System.ly

Greg Hickman


Affiliate Marketing at Thinkific

Paddy McGill


Multimedia Strategist

Co-Founder at Ofcourse

Lechon Kirb


Digital Marketing Strategist

K.C. Proctor


Online Marketing Expert

Jesse Doubek


Co-Founder & CEO at Social Media Pro

Jesse Jameson


Founder, Chief Freedom Officer at VA Staffer

Jeff J. Hunter


Co-Founder at Demio

Wyatt Jozwowski


Author at The Entrepreneurs Wife

Amy Stefanik


Sales Professional at Kayvon.com

Kayvon Kay


Spiritual Business Mentor at ShaminaTaylor.com

Shamina Taylor


Social Media Marketing Expert at Thinkific

Rob Balasabas


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Here’s Why You Should Attend This Online Conference


Although most conferences cost thousands of dollars, we've given everyone complimentary access to all of the summit content. Yes, really! You can catch all 50+ informative sessions for free from the comfort of your home, no travel or pants required. Need we say more?

All you need to do is claim your ticket. Each presentation will stream free for just 3 DAYS, and then it will be locked up in the Online Course Success Summit Vault. Save your spot now!


Discover years worth of invaluable business knowledge, experience, and strategies directly from the people who've been in your shoes.

Most people spend years trying to "figure it out", through this event you have the opportunity to learn directly from successful entrepreneurs and course creators who have overcome the same struggles and obstacles you're currently facing in your journey.


The speakers we've hand-selected will empower you by teaching you what really works and how you can immediately implement effective tools and strategies in your business.

No Boring Talking Heads Here!

Tune into real, raw, and authentic conversations about in-depth topics, powerful takeaways, and learn actionable advice that will positively impact your work today.

Ready to learn from 60+ industry leading experts how to Create, Market & Sell Your Online Course? 

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Most Common Questions

If you find yourself in one of the following categories, this event is good fit for you:

The Aspirational Course Creator: You are a coach, consultant, blogger, speaker, or small business owner and you want to build your credibility and more leads. You've heard that having an online course can grow your income and your business. But how?  Speed up your path to success with a course.

The Work-in-Progress: You’ve been sitting on a half written course for months, sometimes years. You just can’t bring yourself to complete and publish it. You don’t have the knowledge, and quite frankly, you’re a little scared to put your course content out there. This event will help you get past the finish line!

The Existing Course Creator: You already have a course or maybe even multiple courses but you’re having trouble selling them. Perhaps you’re struggling to make it to the next level with your success and income. Who knew there was so much to marketing? This event will be the push you need to take things up a notch.

The Side Hustler: You’ve tried multiple times to start a side business or something that brings in passive income but, up until now, most of those “experiments” have failed. A course is your first step to making passive income and growing your confidence to take on bigger challenges. It's time to finally get that side business off the ground and share your unique knowledge and experiences with the world!

The Seasoned Entrepreneur: This isn't your first rodeo. You've already had some success with online courses, but are ready to learn more in depth strategies for marketing, increasing your student engagement, higher course completion rates, and back-end sales. Level up by learning from other successful course creators!

Is this event a good fit for me? 

Where is this event located?

Wherever you are! Because this is an online event, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses. You can watch anywhere with an internet connection... No pants required.

How do I watch the live sessions?

Once you claim your free ticket, you’ll receive login info to access all of the talks as they are released. Simply login and follow the easy instructions we give. You’ll be able to view the sessions on any computer, tablet or mobile device for 72 hours after they go live.

I can’t attend all the sessions. Will I get a recording?

Yes, the recording for each session will be available for 3 days following the session. Watch it anytime at your convenience during those 3 days, or you can purchase to get access to the interviews & bonus material forever.

Claim Your 72 Hour Complimentary Access To The Online Course Success Summit Today!

About The Hosts

Dr. Carrie Rose is an Educator, Entrepreneur, & Speaker, notably, one of Huffington Posts Must Follow Women Entrepreneurs, and one of Thinkifics Experts

She holds an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida, wrote her doctoral dissertation on Professional Development, and is best known for her innovative teaching strategies & methodology, her current research is in course completion rates & connecting online course development with The Science of Learning.

Her methods have been shared with Neal’s Yard Remedies, The National Main Street Organization, JetBlue and more.

Currently, she works with entrepreneurs, online marketers, and businesses around the country to provide the highest quality of learning strategies with the greatest amount of impact on a variety of different platforms.

" I believe everyone should be given fair opportunities and the tools to build a life worth living. "

Elsewhere: www.instagram.com/drcarrierose

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The Online Course Success Summit is a new and innovative global community of online course creators dedicated to sharing the tools that you need to finally find success with your online business.

We built this summit because we believe that online courses are one of the most lucrative and impactful ways you can share your message with the world. However, there are many things you need to know in order to be successful.

So, we partnered with Thinkific, the world's most powerful platform for creating, marketing and selling online courses and membership sites. Thinkific has helped over 35,000 course creators create online courses reaching more than 16 million students, and generating over $200 million in sales.